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The Reunion Has Started

Let's Participate in the Online Reunion

LINKS for the Reunion

Add an article to JK's Travel Site
See JC's words
The School's WEB SITE
The Guiding Principles of Aiglon College
My List of SONGS for the Alpina Choir
Yearbook 1975 UPLOAD more PHOTOS
Get a SKYE SKYN (Clive Hartwell)
Aiglon Network -- Start here
Where are you staying, Steve?
WEB CAM suggestion 1
Video Stories from Alumni
MENTORS on VIDEOS (short movies)
Mechanical engineer (MOV)
Three Things About Aiglon
Map of WEB CAMS in Switzerland
Mentors on Video
Yearbook 1974 (needs Facebook Account)



Send a Letter to a person who is NOT on Facebook

Suggested themes for the ONGOING Reunion (which is taking place on Facebook and culminating at the July 2009 event with simulcast through SKYPE and other web cams)


Our lives are what we make of them. -- John Corlette

What you think, what you say and what you do has tremendous power over other people. Something which you say to someone or something which they overhear you saying may change that person's life completely -- and most of the time you don't know what you have done. ... What a responsibility this is -- Your words can do tremendous good -- your actions, too -- because your actions express your thoughts and people will be influenced by your example. Watch your thoughts, your words and your actions because you never know what effect they may have, and you are responsible for them. John Corlette (page 19, Aiglon Meditation, 1989)


They live in you, they live in me They're watching over everything we see In every creature, in every star In your reflection They live in us. (Lion King)

When we're together, the year fall away. Isn't that what matters?

To have someone who can remember with you

(Judy Blume)


"Hey, can I get ____'s email address?" Sure -- write to the school or write to Conger at and we'll share the email addresses of those we have. The FACEBOOK experience can be YOUR experience... facebook is about sending messages to people you haven't seen in 30 years. You can do that just by sending an email message. Ready to get started? Let's walk into Exeter Hall and start meeting peeople.


You can also write to and, which are also FACEBOOK entities.


What is the FACEBOOK experience? Get a sample by CLICKING HERE for Yearbook 1975 ====================

TO THOSE WHO CAN'T MAKE IT (including Sandra Stux, who recently emailed me), you are with us... And you can be there even more so if you connect via SKYPE -- for a tutorial, go to (if you still can't figure it out, no problem...we're working on setting up a web cam so you can get a ONE WAY look at the school and we can telephone you from the school)...

If you WON'T make it to the July 2009 event, THE NAME FOR YOUR STATUS IS "Virtual Attendee" -- You can attend virtually (other suggested names? I'm "cyber-there" and "net-tending" and "iThere")


Tentative Schedule for Skype

+ July 2 ------------------------

2 pm Skype session: ______________ (reserved for Australians)

2:30 pm Skype session: ______________

3 pm Skype session: ______________

3:30 pm Skype session: ______________

4 pm Skype session with George H, Nancy and Ramon Granda and __________ (sign up)

5 pm Skype session: ______________

Welcome Apero & Dinner 6.30pm

7 pm Skype session: _____________

7:30 pm Skype session _____________

8 pm Skype session _________________

8:30 pm Skype session: ________

9 pm Skype session: __________

+ July 3 ----------------------------

2 pm Skype session: ______________ (reserved for Australians)

2:30 pm Skype session: ______________

3 pm Skype session: ______________

3:30 pm Skype session: ______________

4 pm Skype session with George H, Nancy and Ramon Granda and __________ (sign up)

BBQ with Swiss Alpine Horns 6.30pm Alpine Terrace

7 pm SKYPE session: ________

7:30 pm Skype session: ________

8 pm SKYPE session: ________

8:30 pm Skype session: ________

9 pm Skype session: __________

+ Sat. July 4 ------------------------------

2 pm Skype session: ______________ (reserved for Australians)

2:30 pm Skype session: ______________

3 pm Skype session: ______________

3:30 pm Skype session: ______________

4 pm Skype session with George H, Nancy and Ramon Granda and __________ (sign up)

Gala Benefit Dinner, Dance & Auction 7pm Hotel Roy Alp

7:30 pm SKYPE session: ______

8 pm SKYPE session: ________

8:30 pm Skype session: ________

9 pm Skype session: __________


To help us keep track of the different timezones, we have a Time Zone clock for Sydney, New York and Chesieres:


We will try calling you at midnight and maybe up to 2 a.m., if that's okay!?


We'll try to call you between 8 and 10 a.m. your time...


We will schedule calls starting on July 2, 2 pm (1400 hours). Send me information about your phone or SKYPE account name and I'll reach out to you (you can look for me online and send me a chat message to say,"I'm ready to receive a phone call" or you can call). If you have more suggestions, let me know. We will work to have several Skype links working at the same time. Write to =================

If you are worried about putting yourself on FACEBOOK, you can create a different name. You can visit Facebook safely by entering " and the password is "lausanne" all lower case Here is testimony from a former student about the benefits of starting the Reunion on FACEBOOK:


John DeGiacomo: Hi everyone.

I just wanted to thank you for posting all those Aiglon pictures. Thank you John (Dani) for getting me on to facebook.

I never had a yearbook and I must admit that it was hard for me at first to connect memories with just your names and current profile pictures. I guess I've lost more than a few brain cells since the seventies... But when I saw everyone's pictures from 34 years ago, it all started coming back to me. And I have such fond memories of you all.

When I left Aiglon and moved back to the States, I immediately regretted that I had lost touch with you. In boarding school, your fellow students become your family and after leaving, I now remember that I felt a great loss - and have until now.

We all shared a unique journey in a magical place and are forever bound by that fantastic experience. I'm glad to be in touch again.

John DeGiacomo


[So, Wendy, when are you getting on FB?]


Welcome. Let's admit that we are ALREADY at the reunion. Just by coming to this web page, you are walking in the room and saying, "I remember you..."

1. Sign up for FACEBOOK, look for "" and become my "friend" -- then you can see my photo albums (yearbooks 1974, 75, 76).

IF YOU WANT TO PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY ONLINE, sign up as a fake name ("Fred Jones") and then contact me. I'll give you lots of contacts and you can find people at "Aiglon 1977 to 1985" (The group started by Rana Sahni -- thanks, Rana!)

2. Tag friends you remember. Add your photos. Click on "Profile" then "Info" and find the email address of your fellow students...or click on MESSAGE and send a message.

3. Sign up for the group called "Aiglon 60th" to say, "I'll be there!"

IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT to the reunion, follow these steps:

a) send me an email >>>> <<<< and write "Call me -- I want to be there virtually..."p> b) join the FACEBOOK group called "Aiglon 60th Can't Make It, Please Call Us" and add your name

c) join SKYPE (or tell me your phone number where we'll call you on July 2, 3 and 4)... MY SKYPE ACCOUNT IS 'SteveEnglishTeacher'

My plan is to borrow several laptops and install SKYPE for our barbecues/dinners and we'll connect you "virtual attendees" to the computer...


CAN YOU IMAGINE SEEING the face of an absent alumnus or alumna staring at us from the computer screen?

If you can't make it, can you imagine seeing us at the reunion?... Who knows who will walk up to the camera to say "hi" to you?

4. Sing with the ALPINA CHOIR once a month. The FIRST of the MONTH is "sing along with Hyde, Dyke and Tyack" join us.

CLICK HERE to go to the SONGS page. When you contact us on, use my Skype account "SteveEnglishTeacher" and send me a CHAT message "Ready to SING ALONG" and we'll add you to the conference call.

Do you have activities that you can suggest here?

Read some words by John Corlette


Aiglon College Celebrates 60 Years of Education

Join the Celebration with Students, Alumni, Past and Present Faculty

Old and new friends are gathering to partake in many fun events including: Expeditions, Swiss style BBQ with Alpine Horns, Gala Dinner with great Music and Dancing, Auction, Family Entertainment and Games, Star Party at the Kalouty Observatory, Golf and many enjoyable activities to chose from with the Alps as a backdrop! How can you miss it?

Visit your Past and Explore the Present. The Alps are more beautiful than ever...see for yourself!

Come Connect

Save these dates! July 1-4, 2009

Call your friends and plan on being here! We want to see you!

Wednesday 1st of July 2009 12 noon -9pm Lausanne Country Club

Tournament Dinner only 6-9pm Lausanne Country Club

Thursday 2nd July 2009 Registration & Afternoon Activities:- Campus tours memorabilia, children's entertainment,games,refreshments 1 - 5pm Campus

Welcome Apero & Dinner 6.30pm Exeter Hall

Friday 3rd July 2009 Meditation with special speaker 8.30am Exeter Hall

Expeditions around Bretaye

Lunch 12.00 noon Restaurant Col du Bretaye

BBQ with Swiss Alpine Horns 6.30pm Alpine Terrace

Star Party 10pm Kalouti Observatory, Aiglon

Saturday 4th July Choice of Activities throughout the day including lunch and walk in Solalex

Gala Benefit Dinner, Dance & Auction 7pm Hotel Roy Alp

Contact Info -- Alumni Relations Office, Aiglon College, 1885 Chesieres, Villars, Switzerland

Do you have suggestions for this page? What other information can we share with fellow Aiglonites?




From the years 1965-69, I sat among my fellow Aiglon College students, and school staff, in an over-crowded Belvedere Dining Room/ Meditation Hall, as we listened, acutely, to the carefully structured words of our Founder, John Corlette. When J.C. spoke, you could hear a pin drop. Meditation was how we began every day of our Aiglon lives, and it was the core of our spiritual experience. Our Founder strongly believed in meditation, and presenting to both students and staff thought provoking ideas, teachings, messages and life experiences which, if embraced, could appreciably impact our lives and the lives of others whom we came into contact. Saturday meditations were special, as J.C. carefully pared his musical selections to the verbal message. During those times, Aiglon had not acquired a sound system, so J.C. summoned his personal hi-fi system be moved from his Alpina flat to Belvedere Hall so as to fulfill his special Saturday Meditation message.

Best regards, Louie

Louis P. Snyder ('69, ACAP '00)

President Aiglon College Alumni Eagle Association P.O. Box 2688, Virginia Beach VA 23450-2688, USA 001-757-340-4000 (w) X305 or 001-757-635-0081 (cell) Email: (ask for Louie's email address) visit us at




what do you think about how to get alumni who are NOT at the reunion... how can we get them in touch with us while we are at Aiglon.? Can you see any problems with the following procedure?

a) set up a web cam in a special corner. (Lots of signs reading, "If you walk here, you will be on the Internet")

b) a camera that records short greetings and "here's a memory about ________" and then those short videos are put up on YOUTUBE... with links to web site. Can you see any drawbacks?

The youtube videos might go up at 2 pm, 3pm and 4 pm each day of the reunion, so people like Prabhu in Nigeria, George Harto in North Carolina and people in Australia can still get a reunion experience, and maybe THEY (the Net-attendees) will post their reply videos and we at the reunion can watch those broadcasts.

Speeches at Dinner on Thurs, Fri and Sat could be posted on Youtube at 5-minute intervals during the session so that net-attendees would be about 10-minutes behind us ... and could still have time to call in...

At the silent auction... why not set up at least 5 SKYPE connected computers, each with 4 or 5 calls connected to have 50 people outside the reunion also participating in the auction?

How can we pull non-attendees into the reunion? Perhaps by inviting them to record short statements for youtube?

Please help me brainstorm a good procedure. To reduce the possibility of strangers finding the aiglon footage on YOUTUBE, how about creating difficult account names, like "19492009a" as the name of the main account, and when someone has a message for a particular year, you could up load to "19491979a" or "19801989a" or "19901999a" or "20002009a" so there would be four SUBaccounts. These accounts could be searched by Aiglon alumni, but there would be NO mention of Aiglon in the tags or descriptions of the videos. It would be a numeric description,, such as "house 1" for alpina, "House 2" for Belvedere, etc.

The reason for this procedure: A lack of "key words" could cut down on strangers who might surf youtube looking for "famous people" or who want to annoy or spy on us. It is recommended that email addresses NOT be included in the descriptions of the videos.

EXAMPLE: "Here's a story about a hula dance that I taught to Pedersen and Vogel."

No mention of Aiglon or the house names. The title might be "Hula" What do you think? The other part of the procedure is that at the REUNION, there should be a strict policy of "ask before videotaping" and "THIS IS GOING ON YOUTUBE" before you press record. Then people potentially in the picture can decide to get out of range if they don't want to be on Youtube.

To minimize the intrusive privacy concerns, the youtube videos can be removed on July 5 so that there is no later harassment.

Are there any concerns that this procedure does not cover? I want to flesh this out before proposing a final version to the administratoin. Please send me your comments before Feb. 1 if possible.

1+ (954) 646 8246 mobile Steve Conger The reunion starts now


Let's end this page with some links to some of our compatriots' web sites

Tell me your web site and we'll link it here...

Jessica's art site Jill's mural site Bahman's Kitchen Site See the movie about Bahman John Vornle's company Long Term Capital Company Erik Friedl's movies IMDB web site... Then go here and fly like a kite See Erik's work on YOUTUBE Clive Hartwell's sheep skin site

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DeGiacomo's music More D's music Steve McCrea Who likes chess? Scott Swerdlin's son RYAN is getting better (he creamed me twice): Why not sign up on REDHOTPAWN No fee for up to 6 concurrent correspondence games. Ryan’s handle is ryangotchi Scott is sswerdlin

FACEBOOK REUNION Starts HERE Jennie Hinde's charity in Kenya Jill's art work Jessica's art work Gio's art WORK DeGiacomo's Music GET SERIOUS: CD Available JK's travel site Words by JC about Meditation Erik Friedl Database fly like a KITE See his work YOUTUBE Youtube Friedl Farzin Films Bahman Jim Stein's site Teeth

I sell online some of the products which I import. Like to get some Aiglon buyers who should know the benefits of olive oil etc. Many thanks, Noel

Alia Al-Senussi

please add my companySMY.IT yacht brokerage and services -- thanks and best, giovanni


Some of my projects Plant trees: Trees My Grandfather worked to Build Bridges is a good organization Build Bridges JK's photos for stock photos Steve's design Site Steve's English site JK and Steve's trivia site See the illuminated ceiling Turrell in Pomona (installed by Jim Mitchell)

What is your Traveler's IQ? Hey, Conger, this web site is lame. Yes, it is. Well, "our lives are what we make of them." JC

Make a better site: just copy the text here and make it more interesting...

I'm thinking of typing the entire JC oeuvre that is in the Aiglon Meditation, (1989) as assembled by Teddy Senn and John Haigh. Anyone want to help?

Do you have a yearbook? Take photos and upload them to or Facebook and send me the link (to be displayed here) >>>> SKYESKYNS <<< get a skin Yearbook >>>> YEARBOOK 1975 Please suggest additional information for this site. Please create similar sites and I'll link them to your site. Let's communicate. Visit the John Corlette facebook account (yes, there is Let's collect stories about JC and put them on the web so we can inspire the next generation of teachers at Aiglon to stay and thrive and enhance the vision of Aiglon. Clive Hartwell put it this way: "There are some parents who are so mobile that their children lack a fixed point. The staff at Aiglon, the men and women who are truly invested in the school and its vision, who sit and eat with the students, they are the ones who carry the founder's vision." Mobile kids who need a fixed point. Let's encourage more staff to stay at Aiglon -- many thanks to DKM, LL, AFH, PP, BP, DR and others who stayed, keeping the '70s alive in our hearts. Many thanks to JX, CRH, GD, PT, DB, JL, and others who left but who stayed in touch and continue to inspire us with their correspondence and interest in the school's future. A special mention for Jack Oliver Rich who sent so many students to look at the school. They all knew JC. Their memories are part of the DNA of the school. Let's ask them to sit and talk about their memories, what worked, what didn't work, what needs to be preserved, what can be left behind. Who on the staff today will still be there in 2040, talking about the vision of Corlette?

See the DISCUSSION about the WEB CAM IDEA -- how about installing a web cam on campus? Go to WEB CAM

THE GOOGLE SITE Alumni Websites

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