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I was an "absent alumnus" in 2006 when my clas had its 30th reunion i was a"net-tendee" because I spoke by Skype with various attendees. I want to assure people like George Harto and Nino Zamero, people you know only by email messages and yearbook photos... that they will be net-tendees too.

How can we enhance their experience as much as possible?

How can we integrate the Net-tendees in the event while protecting the privacy of the alumni who don't want to be placed on the internet?

I suggest some "protocols" that probably need some approvals by the administration.

1. can we designate some video cameras as "GOING TO YOUTUBE" so that people who are shot by the camera know BEFORE THE SHOOTING that the images will go on youtube?

2. can we designate a couple computers in the computer center as "YOUTUBE READY" and dedicated for the alumni to use to upload to youtube?

3. a web cam would be useful only for group skype calls or converence calls on telephone. The person in the school would sit in front of the web cam and the net-tendees in other coulntries could see the person's image. while they talked on the telephone/via skype. Skype can handle up to 9 people talking on the same AUDIO line, and only one-on-one video conferencing.

4. could some senior aiglon students be given the tak of shuttling video from the cameras to computer to youtube and updating the web site with links to the youtube videos? perhaps the videos could be grouped by decade, such as 1976TecchioTalksToHartogensis" or "HeadmastergivesTalkBBQThurs" what do you think?

5. what else could be done to make the net-tendee feel special? I thought that an email and facebook binder could be set up so an attendee could flip through the year book, look at a person's name, say, "I wonder what happened to him?" then go to the BINDER and look up the person's email or facebook name, and send a quick message, "Thinking about you, how are you? What's new with you?" as if the absent person were present in the room.

Perhaps there could be a central place at every dinner where that binder could be stored so in an instant we can look up someone's name and make a call or send an email FROM THE DINNER on a computer (possible to set up?)

6. at the dinners, is it possible to set up a computer or have one availabe in a nearby room where we can upload videos to YOUTUBE --- a sort of 20-minute delay? Could net-attendees send emails to the dinner site and perhaps have statements read to the crowd in response to the videos recorded just 20 minutes before? It would be like talking to someone on Jupiter... with a 30-minute roundtrip delay...

thank you for your attention...


If you want to install a web cam.... HOW CAN WE CONNECT WITH PEOPLE WHO CAN NOT ATTEND JULY 2009?

what do you think about how to get alumni who are NOT at the reunion... how can we get them in touch with us while we are at Aiglon.? Can you see any problems with the following procedure?

a) set up a web cam in a special corner. (Lots of signs reading, "If you walk here, you will be on the INternet")

b) a camera that records short greetings and "here's a memory about ________" and then those short videos are put up on YOUTUBE... with links to web site. Can you see any drawbacks?

The youtube videos might go up at 2 pm, 3pm and 4 pm each day of the reunoin, so people like Prabhu in Nigeria, George Harto in North Carolina and people in Australia can still get a reunion experience, and maybe THEY (the Net-attendees) will post their reply videos and we at the reunion can watch those broadcasts.

Speeches at Dinner on Thurs, Fri and Sat could be posted on Youtube at 5-minute intervals during the session so that net-attendees would be about 10-minutes behind us ... and could still have time to call in...

At the silent auction... why not set up at least 5 SKYPE connected computers, each with 4 or 5 calls connected to have 50 people outside the reunion also participating in the auction?

How can we pull non-attendees into the reunion? Perhaps by inviting them to record short statements for youtube? Please help me brainstorm a good procedure.

To reduce the possibility of strangers finding the aiglon footage on YOUTUBE, how about creating difficult account names, like "19492009" as the name of the main account, and when someone has a message for a particular year, you could up load to "19491979" or "19801989" or "19901999" or "20002009" so there would be four accounts. These accounts could be searched by aiglon people, but there would be NO mention of Aiglon in the tags or descriptions of the videos. It would be a numeric description,, such as "house 1" for alpina, "House 2" for Belvedere, etc.

The reason for this procedure would cut down on people who might surf youtube looking for "famous people" or who want to annoy or spy on us. What do you think?

The other part of the procedure is that at the REUNION, there should be a strict policy of "ask before videotaping" and "THIS IS GOING ON YOUTUBE" before you press record. Then people potentially in the picture can decide to get out of range if they don't want to be on Youtube.

To minimize the intrusive privacy concerns, the youtube videos can be removed on July 5 so that there is no later harassment.

Are there any concerns that this procdure does not cover? I want to flesh this out before proposing a final version to the administratoin. Please send me your comments before Feb. 1 if possible.

1+ (954) 646 8246 mobile Steve Conger

The reunion starts now



How about streaming video on the Aiglon Website. Viewing area can be password restricted. (Andreas Kehl)


From John DeGiacomo

Hi Steve. I thought that the way that facebook linked through to CNN for the inauguration was really cool. People "participated" in the event while watching a live video stream and they communicated with one another in real time. You would have to research how facebook links out to other websites and then you would need to create a website (or use aiglon's) to imbed the feed that would come from cameras on site in Switzerland. That shouldn't be too hard to do.

There is in fact a simple requirement for video taping public events. I'm not at all familiar with international law, let alone Swiss law, but in the US, it is sufficient to post notices conspicuously at the entrances stating that the event is being recorded and by entering the premises, the public is in effect signing a release.

If none of the above, then the youtube thing would work too. I just like the live interactive element. It's so much more modern, and would allow people who won't be able to attend in person (like maybe me) to "be" there too.

LOCAL BUSINESSES: In fact, you could get some of the local businesses, hotels or even aiglon to sponsor the whole idea and really do it up! It would be great advertising for them all. Get the Swiss tourist board involved too or at least the Villars chapter if there is one.

John DeGiacomo 206-721-9514


Federico adds:

I think we should promote a process which creates, in good time, a group of those who will, for whatever reason, not be able to attend and give them clear instructions on how to record their visual and oral message. The collection of these, organized by house / name, we can then burn and sell as part of the "memorabilia" of the 60th anniversary. If this is something of interest I can arrange here in Hong Kong to find the cheapest way to have these CD's burned. So this would be the "prior to the event". Then we have @ the event, which I consider your proposal as good and interactive in its approach. The last component would be an "after" event which would create a resume of all the events that took place. I think there should be a panel of people participating i this representative of the various houses and possibly macro periods @ Aiglon so that would be meaningful to a broad group of students. Ciao, Federico

============== STEVE�s REPLY TO FG: brilliant. they could also upload some short statements for us at the reunion to watch ... maybe they can upload videos for us to play during the dinners as part of the "speeches"... great idea, FG. I like the panel discussions... "remember how Fritz Koch used to pick up trash along the path?" "Yeah, that reminds me when..." and the panel can stimulate the audience to be involved, too. it would be a grand memory event.